I saw these pics from the 80’s Purple Seneca Rising Spring 2011 Collection photo shoot & was instantly mesmerized by super model Jennifer Pugh’s amazing doe eyes. Photographer Zoey Grossman did an amazing job, I love how soft the images are, Jennifer Pugh’s eyes just pull me into the photos. How amazing is the dress she’s wearing in the first shot here? BEAUTIFUL

80’s Purple – Seneca Rising Spring 2011 – May 29th, 2011 – Photographer Zoey Grossman – Model Jennifer Pugh

Which if these shots is your fave? I LOVE the 3rd one down where Jennifer is looking through the glass. GORGEOUS!


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“I like creating images.”
– Kate Moss

During the past two years of craziness (being engaged, buying a house, renovations, getting married, my sister getting married etc…) I put a lot of my favorite hobbies aside & I really forgot how much I enjoyed being creative on my own terms. Particularly creating beautiful images just because I want to, not because I have to, but because something has inspired me to do so. For whatever reason the beautiful Kate Moss has inspired me again & I’m really happy I’ve started creating beautiful images again. It leaves me feeling a little more fulfilled, like I’ve finally remembered what was missing in my life – my very own honest creativity. Thank you Kate for bringing it out in me again.

The beautiful Kate Moss illustrated by me.

A HUGE thank you to Christina from 6Petals who featured my illustrations on her blog here. Please top by and visit her :)


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It’s been awhile since Jay & I have had a vehicle that is reliable enough to take on a roadtrip of any kind. But all that’s changed now that we’ve purchased a new vehicle. After some debate on what type & size of vehicle would best suit our needs we decided to purchase a slightly used Jeep Grand Cherokee this past weekend. Because Jason is a scuba diving instructor we spend most of our weekends during the summer camping at West Hawk Lake, where Jason teaches all of his open water certification courses. Our new Jeep has all the room we need to pack scuba gear for two, plenty of tanks to go on multiple dives, our tent, cooler & food, with room to spare for the both of us to be seated comfortably, open the sunroof & enjoy the 2 hr drive to Ontario.

We decided to take our new Jeep for a little road trip last weekend up to Gimli, a beautiful lake town situated along the shoreline of Lake Winnipeg. We took a long walk down the harbor taking in all of the beautiful sail boats, sunshine and dozens of murals that line the walls of the main harbor dock.

The picture above shows my new vintage bucket bag I originally posted about here. It arrived just last week from Texas & I couldn’t wait to share its amazingness with you. Unfortunately I was just using my little point-&-shoot camera so the pics aren’t the greatest & Jason didn’t point out the big thumbprint on my lens until after I had taken several pics… oh well, you get the point.
Below is a lovely pic of Jay & I, Im not sure why he insists on making funny faces when I take pictures, this is his standard fishy lips face :)
A special note: I gave Jay the shark tooth he is wearing around his neck, it fell out of a reef sharks mouth while we were scuba diving in Roatan the day after we got engaged :)

The murals along the main dock are so colorful, each tells a little piece of history about Gimli & surrounding towns.
I’m wearing some feather earrings I’ve had so long I can’t remember where I got them, my ruffle tank was purchased about 6 years ago at a LeChateau clearance center, my belt is thrifted, 1921 denim capris, vintage bag & sunglasses I probably ‘borrowed’ from my dad. Jay gave me the beaded bracelet Im wearing & the tiny gold ID bracelet was a gift from my aunt. Below you can see my favorite slip on shoes I bought from GAP last year when I was in LA and in need of flats desperately.

I cut my hair recently & have been trying to do different things with it other than straighten the life out of it or toss it up in a ponytail. This sideways french braid has become a quick fix when Im in a pinch & want something a little fancier than a ponytail.

I can hardly believe this has been my first outfit post since last fall! I’ll try to do these more regularly, I just have to convince my photographer hubby to spare some time to take more pics for me :)


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I know I JUST posted about AllSaints…BUT they have added some UNBELIEVABLE pieces to their leather collection that MUST be shared asap.
Check out these beauties!!

From top to bottom (left to right):
Maisie Bra – What girl doesnt love a great bustier style bra? ESPECIALLY one made of supple Italian leather in this soft sand grey color. I can totally see myself slipping this over a flowery sundress. I LOVE the buckle straps and whip stitch detailing.

Marcelle Leather Shorts – I’ve had an itch to purchase myself a pair of leather shorts for awhile now. However I always find myself asking myself ‘will I wear them?’ ‘Will I wear them often enough?’ I have a hard time justifying buying them, but I WANT them so bad. Once again AllSaints sucked me in with their buckle detail on the waist & back welt pockets with zippers.

Maisie DressOMG is all I have to say about this dress. Really? Could this slim fitting, color blocked dress get any better? I think NOT. Once again LOVE the buckle strap and whip stitch detail. This is the kind of dress that makes me GASP when I see it & sigh when I remind myself that it cannot be mine. Because I am a responsible young woman bills must be paid :)

Donore Skirt – If your going to get a high waist skirt, why not get a metallic, pleated, fabulous leather one like this!? Such a great piece that could easily be dressed up for a night out with my ladies OR paired with a simple white T during the day.

Rhyder Utility Vest – Is it a vest? A harness? A purse? I’ll tell you what this is! IT’S AMAZING! Its everything all in one & it looks fabulous. Once again I picture myself pairing this with a dainty sundress or my basic daily outfit – jeans & a T. This vest is pure PERFECTION. I think it might have to be my one splurge item this summer… maybe.

Brocade Cropped Jacket – A far cry from your typical leather jacket, this one blows my mind!!! It’s available in 3 colors but I prefer the rustic vintage feel of this ‘Bitter’ color. The cropped silhouette & military frogging detail & fantastic AllSaints hardware make this jacket beyond amazing.

Last but hardly the least exciting piece is the Daye Dress – It’s hard to tell from the photo so I’ve also included a close-up of the detail. The silhouette is simple and flowy, but the intricate scale-like laser cut detail throughout the entire dress is anything but simple! Not to mention the metallic foil print. This dress is breathtaking and comes in two fantastic colors but my fave is this Gold one for sure. It’s a limited edition piece so if you love it get yourself to a computer or to the store ASAP & get one NOW!

For anyone (like me) who just can’t afford to buy some of these amazing pieces AllSaints has just launched their new Archive online shop with a surplus of previous styles at super cheap prices. I suggest you check it out and get a little piece of AllSaints for yourself!! Visit

Have a great weekend!


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Australian sisters Nicky & Simone Zimmermann have managed to completely take my breath away AGAIN with their beyond-beautiful SS 2011/12 line. Dramatically lighter from their previous black & white monotone collection from last spring, every piece is the epitome of elegance. The collection features belly button deep V-shaped plunges, side cutouts & detailed crochet. A multitude of angular cuts, gauzy floral prints, crop tops & breezy cover-ups that graze the ground add to the 70’s boho vibe that encapsulates the entire collection.

Here are a few pieces that really caught my eye:

Images via Stylesight


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Why oh why is it always my favorite things that can’t be shipped to Canada? Dear Anthropologie please make an exception and ship me your drop dead gorgeous Hibiscus Trellis Rug & a pair of the lovely Milliner’s Lamps. I would love that very much and they would look perfect in my living room :)

ABOVE: Anthropologie Hibiscus Trellis Rug & Milliner’s Lamp


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It’s been awhile since I’ve done any sketching just for the fun of it, but I saw this amazing pic of Kate Moss and instantly felt that I had to draw her.

I’m not sure if I got her likeness quiet right, and I think I over did the detail in her hair, but overall Im happy with it. I think I’ll have to make a point of doing these more often. Maybe I’ll set myself a goal of doing one a week.

Hope evveryone is having a happy Monday!


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