Check out the AMAZING DKNY Navajo print tie-all scarf I discovered today that I want sooooo bad. I’m absolutely in LOVE with the amazing color scheme… but not the price tag attached to it. I will make it my personal mission to find a scarf as close to this as I can for a fraction of the price… hopefully.
Wish me luck!

For those of you who can afford this beauty you can find it here.


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When Jay & I renovated our house we got to pick & choose where all the lighting would go in our house. I thought we had chosen plenty of locations for ceiling lights… however it is becoming clear (more like dark & dreary…) that we are in desperate need for some additional lighting. Particularly our bedroom, which only has one large ceiling light. Its always a race to get to bed! The last one to bed has to turn of the light & shuffle their way to the bed in the dark, arms blindly waving around like a zombie searching for brains in an attempt not to stub toes on furniture. We really need to get some lamps ASAP. Problem is there are sooooo many options & I’m really not sure what I want.

Here are a few of my faves I’ve scouted out on Etsy:

ABOVE: Black Crystal Beaded Light Fixture – Studio JOTA

ABOVE: Shabby Chic White Rosette Lamp – Buy Vintage Supplies

ABOVE: Clear Beaded Pendant Light Fixture – Studio JOTA

ABOVE: Large Navy Ikat Medallion Drum Lampshade – Studio JOTA

ABOVE: Feather Fixture – Studio JOTA

ABOVE: Carved White Porcelain Pendant Lamp – Isabella Bramson

ABOVE: Beautiful Damask Lamp – An Element of Style

ABOVE: Large Black Three Light Pendant Fixture – Studio JOTA

ABOVE: Pleated String Lights – Pigeon Toe Ceramics

ABOVE: Orange Ceramic Lamp – An Element of Style

ABOVE: Black & White Carved Porcelain Pendant Lamp – Isabella Bramson

ABOVE: Ruffle Lampshade – Pinkderella Shop

ABOVE: Shabby Flower Lampshade – Pinkderella Shop

Well that’s all of them! Or at least all that I have time to upload :) I think the Pleated String Lights might look really pretty and soft hanging over our headboard. BUT Isabella Bramson’s Porcelain lamps are so GORGEOUS. Thoughts?
While I was searching around I found this super fun link to the 40 Most Creative Lamps – check it out it’ll give you a chuckle. My fave is the Nymph lamp, whats yours?


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I was doomed from the very first time I stepped into an All Saints for the very first time… I fell in love & wanted EVERYTHING. The fabrics, prints, silhouettes & the atmosphere sucked me in & I’ve been in complete lust with the brand ever since. Unfortunately I’ve never purchased anything… honestly I’m scared to. I know if I start, I probably won’t be able to stop without Jay physically removing my credit card from my hands. LOL.
They have recently released the SS11 collection & it has exceeded all of my expectations. Here are a few of my favorites:

TOP LEFT: Lost Game Harness Dress TOP RIGHT: X Vulture Top, Roseport Ashby Jeans, Deal Boot

TOP LEFT: Teulada Vest, Antalya Trouser, Rosalina Heels TOP RIGHT: Broken Venom LS Maxi Dress

TOP LEFT: Aztec Dress TOP RIGHT: Spring Forest Nami Top, Roseport Ashby Jeans, Pither Heels

The Aztec Dress takes the cake here for me, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress. It’s intricately hand embellishments, navajo inspired print & simple silhouette make me swoon. PLUS it comes in 2 amazing colors to choose from, Aqua/Coral (shown above) & Dust/Coral which is equally amazing.

Which one of these needs to be hanging in your closet right now if you only had to choose one? I know it’s nearly impossible to choose, why can’t we have it all?


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It has occurred to me that the whole time I’ve been blogging Ive never shared any of my work! Well that just won’t do! My very first job in the fashion industry was creating fashion illustrations & I LOVED it. Every illustration I create is so fun & inspiring they each become a tiny piece of me, each one makes me more creative. I hope you enjoy looking at my work as much as I did creating it :)

Well what do you think? I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts!
I hope this is the first of many posts that peek into my portfolio of work.


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After weeks of never ending rain & cold, just when I thought we were doomed for another season of winter instead of summer the sun came out in full force this weekend! YAY!!
I can’t even describe how happy it made me to go outside & finally feel the warm sun on my face :) Jay (my hubby) & I decided to take full advantage of the beautiful day & made a trip out to my parents farm in Argyle. Jay spent his time out there testing some new lenses photographing a family of great horned owls that have made their home in a birch tree. While I played with my nephew on the swing set & helped my mom dig out some lilac bush saplings for Jay & I to transplant. We planted them in our front yard & I can’t wait for them to fill out & bloom with their amazing smelling clusters of purple & white flowers :)

Ok enough about my amazing, sunny weekend & more about what Im obsessing over right now! Ive been spending WAY too much time on Etsy lately when I should be focusing on more productive things (like the growing pile of laundry & Jay’s missing socks…) BUT it means I have lots of amazing finds to share with you! Check out these spectacular vintage bags that I just can’t get enough of!!!

ABOVE: Vintage Aztec print carry all bag – Moxie Apparel

ABOVE: Vintage hot pink shoulder bag – Twin Hearts Vintage

ABOVE: Vintage ethnic woven & leather purse – Rogue Retro

ABOVE: Vintage navajo tribal bucket bag with leather trim – Trustfund 21

ABOVE: Vintage jute & leather bucket bag – Santoki Vintage

ABOVE: Vintage oversized wool & leather duffle bag – Santoki Vintage

ABOVE: Vintage embroidered cotton & leather backpack – Santoki Vintage

ABOVE: Vintage southwestern blanket rucksack – Santoki Vintage

ABOVE: Vintage hand crafted ethnic leather backpack – Pascal Vintage

I LOVE all of these! Santuki Vintage is quickly becoming one of my fave Etsy shops, I highly recommend you check it out. If I had a money tree growing in my backyard all of these would be on their way to my house right now. INSTEAD I had to settle with just one of these lovelies & I can’t wait until it arrives! I’m not going to tell you which one I purchased though, you’ll have to wait & see!

Which one of these belongs in your closet?


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If you haven’t heard of the label Runwaydreamz yet you’ll certainly be looking them up now! Check out the latest collection of cut-off denim shorts from designer Christian Yasser. Each piece is spectacularly hand made from vintage denim with incredible attention to detail. I’m obsessed with the array of colorful Ombre dyeing & defntly need to get my hands (or butt) in a pair of these ASAP!!

I feel a denim DIY coming on!!!! I’ll have to make a stop at the Thrift store on my way home!!! Between the bright colors, the studs & all the distressing there is just way to much awesomeness here to pass up!
Which of these is your fave? I’d love to know!




Summer is almost here, which means it’s time to bring out my crisp clean whites! No matter what your price range or style there is something white out there for you that’s dying to be in your closet this season. Check out some of my favorites below!

Here are some important tips to keep in mind when wearing white:

1 – Always remember to wear the correct color of underwear! You may love your super-cute pink polka dot undies, but your white pants don’t! Make sure you have flesh colored undies on so the rest of us dont see them!

2 – Mixing & matching different textures can make a world of difference if you are wearing head-to-toe white. Try mixing crochet pieces with light flowy fabrics, or leather with super soft knits to break up your outfit & avoid looking like an abominable snowman.

3 – White isn’t just white, there can be varying shades of white such as cool whites (with blue undertones) or warm whites (with yellow undertones) make sure (if wearing white near your face especially) that you are wearing a shade of white that is right for you or it can quickly make your face look sallow.

Top to Bottom (left to right):
Vintage 90’s White Knit Sweater Top – Available on Fancy Bantam Etsy shop
Tornado Earrings – Available on DollyBirdDesign Etsy shop
Triangle Tank Dress – Available in custom colors on Jessalinb Etsy shop
L.A.M.B. Kapono Wedges – Available at Piperlime
A.C.L Crop Crochet Top & Embossed Leather Shorts – Available at Shopbop
JBrand Houlihan Twill Cargo Pants – Available at Shopbop
Rebecca Minkoff Boyfriend Mini Bag – Available at Shopbop
Pantasia White Pocket Skirt – Available at Ramonawest Etsy shop
Cream Zip Front Embellished Bralet – Available at Topshop
Abercrombie & Fitch Jude tank
White Octopus Ring – Available at Fleathers Etsy shop
Pantasia White Pocket Skirt – Available at Ramonawest Etsy shop
JBrand Houlihan Twill Cargo Pants – Available at Shopbop
Splendid Button up Dress – Available at Shopbop
Whirl White Woven Espadrilles – Available at Topshop
JBrand Skipper Wide Leg Pants – Available at Shopbop
Michael Kors Ceramic Watch – Available at Shopbop
Floral Camisole Top by Rare – Available at Topshop
Lavished Lace Bracelet – Available on Anthropologie
MAXAZRIA Geometric Overlay Dress – Available at Shopbop
Cream Crochet Swing Dress – Available at Topshop
Nature-Bound Bangle – Available on Anthropologie

Since I only WISH I had all of these – All images sourced from shops which they are sold.

I am pretty sure I have to have the A.C.L. leather embossed shorts & ceramic Michael Kors watch!! AND how could I forget that AMAZING Topshop embellished bralet!!!
Who am I kidding? If I could it would all be mine! :)
See anything here you like?


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