It’s been awhile since Jay & I have had a vehicle that is reliable enough to take on a roadtrip of any kind. But all that’s changed now that we’ve purchased a new vehicle. After some debate on what type & size of vehicle would best suit our needs we decided to purchase a slightly used Jeep Grand Cherokee this past weekend. Because Jason is a scuba diving instructor we spend most of our weekends during the summer camping at West Hawk Lake, where Jason teaches all of his open water certification courses. Our new Jeep has all the room we need to pack scuba gear for two, plenty of tanks to go on multiple dives, our tent, cooler & food, with room to spare for the both of us to be seated comfortably, open the sunroof & enjoy the 2 hr drive to Ontario.

We decided to take our new Jeep for a little road trip last weekend up to Gimli, a beautiful lake town situated along the shoreline of Lake Winnipeg. We took a long walk down the harbor taking in all of the beautiful sail boats, sunshine and dozens of murals that line the walls of the main harbor dock.

The picture above shows my new vintage bucket bag I originally posted about here. It arrived just last week from Texas & I couldn’t wait to share its amazingness with you. Unfortunately I was just using my little point-&-shoot camera so the pics aren’t the greatest & Jason didn’t point out the big thumbprint on my lens until after I had taken several pics… oh well, you get the point.
Below is a lovely pic of Jay & I, Im not sure why he insists on making funny faces when I take pictures, this is his standard fishy lips face :)
A special note: I gave Jay the shark tooth he is wearing around his neck, it fell out of a reef sharks mouth while we were scuba diving in Roatan the day after we got engaged :)

The murals along the main dock are so colorful, each tells a little piece of history about Gimli & surrounding towns.
I’m wearing some feather earrings I’ve had so long I can’t remember where I got them, my ruffle tank was purchased about 6 years ago at a LeChateau clearance center, my belt is thrifted, 1921 denim capris, vintage bag & sunglasses I probably ‘borrowed’ from my dad. Jay gave me the beaded bracelet Im wearing & the tiny gold ID bracelet was a gift from my aunt. Below you can see my favorite slip on shoes I bought from GAP last year when I was in LA and in need of flats desperately.

I cut my hair recently & have been trying to do different things with it other than straighten the life out of it or toss it up in a ponytail. This sideways french braid has become a quick fix when Im in a pinch & want something a little fancier than a ponytail.

I can hardly believe this has been my first outfit post since last fall! I’ll try to do these more regularly, I just have to convince my photographer hubby to spare some time to take more pics for me :)



About country girl city world

I'm a small town country girl from rural Manitoba. Recently married and building my nest with my amazing husband in Winnipeg.
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12 Responses to ROAD TRIP

  1. Dori says:

    I’ve got the perfect place for your next road trip!! It also has murals (one of them mine), lots of lakes (ok,so, half are flooded this year), a resort town near by, a beautiful national park and professional photographer willing to take more modeling photos!! (who shoots Canon- so much better than Jay’s Nikon ;P haha, it never gets old!)

    Looks like it was a nice trip!

  2. le sorelle says:

    You look lovely in these photos! The braid in your hair is so cool – wish I could do that to my own hair! And I love your bag. A Jeep must be so much fun for road trips, too :)

    sorelle in style

  3. Tanis says:

    what an awesome summery post! your hair and your ruffle tank are so so cute!

  4. alefashion says:

    Very nice photos and I like your outfit !

    I would like to ask you what version of worpress you have?
    Are you using the same free version like me?

    xx Ale

  5. Linda Jensen says:

    Nice post Ashley my dear. Love the purse. Nice to see the lake, your grandfather went up and down it many times and surely docked in Gimli as well. Delivering cargo to all those along the lake shores. Lake Winnipeg is a beautiful lake but take caution, it can be a dangerous one as well.

  6. I love these photos! your hair is so cute like this!!!

  7. mango says:

    you look adorable!

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