When Jay & I renovated our house we got to pick & choose where all the lighting would go in our house. I thought we had chosen plenty of locations for ceiling lights… however it is becoming clear (more like dark & dreary…) that we are in desperate need for some additional lighting. Particularly our bedroom, which only has one large ceiling light. Its always a race to get to bed! The last one to bed has to turn of the light & shuffle their way to the bed in the dark, arms blindly waving around like a zombie searching for brains in an attempt not to stub toes on furniture. We really need to get some lamps ASAP. Problem is there are sooooo many options & I’m really not sure what I want.

Here are a few of my faves I’ve scouted out on Etsy:

ABOVE: Black Crystal Beaded Light Fixture – Studio JOTA

ABOVE: Shabby Chic White Rosette Lamp – Buy Vintage Supplies

ABOVE: Clear Beaded Pendant Light Fixture – Studio JOTA

ABOVE: Large Navy Ikat Medallion Drum Lampshade – Studio JOTA

ABOVE: Feather Fixture – Studio JOTA

ABOVE: Carved White Porcelain Pendant Lamp – Isabella Bramson

ABOVE: Beautiful Damask Lamp – An Element of Style

ABOVE: Large Black Three Light Pendant Fixture – Studio JOTA

ABOVE: Pleated String Lights – Pigeon Toe Ceramics

ABOVE: Orange Ceramic Lamp – An Element of Style

ABOVE: Black & White Carved Porcelain Pendant Lamp – Isabella Bramson

ABOVE: Ruffle Lampshade – Pinkderella Shop

ABOVE: Shabby Flower Lampshade – Pinkderella Shop

Well that’s all of them! Or at least all that I have time to upload :) I think the Pleated String Lights might look really pretty and soft hanging over our headboard. BUT Isabella Bramson’s Porcelain lamps are so GORGEOUS. Thoughts?
While I was searching around I found this super fun link to the 40 Most Creative Lamps – check it out it’ll give you a chuckle. My fave is the Nymph lamp, whats yours?



About country girl city world

I'm a small town country girl from rural Manitoba. Recently married and building my nest with my amazing husband in Winnipeg.
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4 Responses to I LOVE LAMP

  1. LOVE the title of this post and these finds are so great! What a wide variety of styles that are all stunning:)


  2. Tanis says:

    I love the rosettes and the ruffles, there is something romantic about them.

  3. denj says:

    these are so pretty! my fave is the blue and white ikat one. I would LOVE to hang that baby in my house.

    xoxo denj

  4. I absolutely adore what you chose here–a good range of tastes for every style!

    Class Act

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