So it’s only a couple short days now until we leave for warmer weather & I’m starting the huge undertaking of packing… what to bring, what not to bring, it’s so much easier to just toss in all my warm weather clothes & forget about trying to be strategic about it. Just pack as much as I can into my giant suitcase!
Unfortunately I can’t bring everything so I’ll have to spend some time the next coupe of days sifting through to find just the right pieces to make the most out of my vacation wardrobe.

Here are a couple of items I WISH were on my packing list to take with me!

From top to bottom (left to right): Jessica Simpson Dany platforms – available at Jessica Simpson Collection , Gorjana Snake Cuff – available at Shopbop.com, Set Fire to the Rain eco friendly dress by Gina Michele Eco – available on Etsy at Gina Michele Eco, Wayuu Taya Foundation Geometric Tote – available at Shopbop.com, Charisma Strappy Platform Sandals by L.A.M.B. – available at Shopbop.com, Vintage German Sunglasses available on Etsy at What The Funk, Alexander Wang Handkerchief Tie Dress – available at Shopbop.com, Alice & Oliva Avindale Belted Long Dress – available at Shopbop.com, Berry Summer Boho Bib necklace from Jess Amity – available on Etsy at Jess Amity

One more day of work left then I’m spending Saturday morning at the spa getting my pre-trip mani & pedi! Stop by again soon for pics of my manicure for an update on well how Ive been doing at NOT chewing my nails!!!



About country girl city world

I'm a small town country girl from rural Manitoba. Recently married and building my nest with my amazing husband in Winnipeg.
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2 Responses to ON MY PACKING LIST

  1. Spencer says:

    Hey Ashley,

    How come you never have anything for us guys? We need help dressing ourselves….

  2. Kate says:

    That first dress is SUPER pretty! I wish I could wear it, but it might have too much orange for my skin-tone….

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