Since I’m a graphic designer by day & that’s what pays my bills, I want to feature more posts related to graphic design. Naturally I love typography & I’m obsessed with paper. Ask any GD out there WE LOVE PAPER. It never ceases to amaze Jason how I insist on thoroughly inspecting every piece of paper I come across including restaurant menus, business cards, even the junk mail that overflows our mailbox everyday has to be inspected! I touch every piece to feel the texture & inspect them spot varnishes, embossing or laser cut outs and how its bound or folded. Weird?… maybe, but I know every other graphic designer out there can probably relate on some level…

A couple of weeks ago I met with a Neenah paper rep who wanted to share a new piece they put together to promote their line of Classic Crest papers. I was so thrilled with the book I had to share some images with you. What makes it so special? They decided to skip all the usual frills & gimmicks. There are no fancy die cuts, embossing or spot varnishes but rather an AMAZING use of typography & ink in a multitude of spot colors. Unfortunately my little point & shoot camera doesn’t do much justice to some of the amazing metallic & neon spot colors but regardless enjoy this beautifully designed piece!

Meet Mr.Biggles, the third member of our little family who insists on helping me do everything. Today he decided to be my assistant photographer, helping me make sure this lovely book stayed in it’s place on our living room floor while I snapped some shots. Apparently Mr. Biggles also loves paper :)

To view more amazing pieces printed on Classic Crest papers visit the Neenah paper website or blog. They recently launched their new site & have some fantastic new tools including Personal Proof which allows you to upload any project onto a wide variety of Neenah papers in a multitude of colors, textures, grades & weights, then have your sample printed & shipped to you in just days so you can see EXACTLY what your project will look like before it goes to print. AMAZING!



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I'm a small town country girl from rural Manitoba. Recently married and building my nest with my amazing husband in Winnipeg.
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4 Responses to PAPER LOVE

  1. Kate says:

    Ahhh, you know what I’m talkin’ about!


    Kate, from over at

  2. alefashion says:

    Graphic design ,that’s really nice!
    Lovely post and amazing photos as well!

    xx Ale

  3. Marcella says:

    So cute that cats love to sit on crinkly things! :)

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