OK , once again it has been waaaay to long since I’ve last posted. I’ve had intentions of posting a lot this last week – but then winter arrived & along with it SNOW. LOTS OF SNOW! I think it’s snowed here in Winterpeg everyday for the last 2 weeks. It’s been very hard to get motivated to do anything but curl up on the couch with my hubby & a warm blanket :) I’m also going to blame Jason for my absence. He recently purchased a new game that BOTH of us can play on his PS3, & although I’ve never been into ‘gaming’ (I didn’t even know how to turn it on…) I find myself rushing home to play & try my hardest to beat Jason’s high score before he gets home! LOL
All excuses aside here is another amazing shoot that was shot waaaay back a few weeks ago when we didn’t have snow, & my dear friend Dori was still here visiting. I have enjoyed reminiscing about those last few warm fall evenings we had. You will be shocked when I show you pics of my next photoshoot & I’m knee deep in snow.

This shoot was done at our main farm yard in Argyle, where my great grandparents first settled & built the house that my grandfather & dad grew up in, & to-this-day my uncle still lives. Along the left side of the long lane as you drive in is an area of pasture surrounded by ancient, tall, withering spruce trees where my uncle & dads cattle roam around. A true sign of the generations that have grown up here is the collection, or graveyard rather, of old cars & farming equipment that have long been forgotten, rusted & grown over with moss.

I cannot deny that one of the best things about growing up on a farm when my sister & I were little was the abundance of kittens that appeared again & again every spring. We made it our mission to search out, find & catch as many as we could. Spending hours a day combing through haystacks, & sitting quietly in the barn loft waiting, listening for tiny high pitched meows. My youngest sister Erika has since carried on this tradition & continues to seek out new kittens every year. In the photo above is one of those kittens who is in need of a good home. If anyone in the Winnipeg / Interlake MB area is seriously interested please let me know – we would love to find this little furball a happy permanent home :)

This olive green shirt is one of my favorites & another great thrift store find. For a whopping $7.00 I’ve gotten more use out of this shirt than I have ones that cost me 10 times that! I paired it with another old favorite, my dVb skinny jeans in black. Over the years (I believe these are from her fall 2009 collection) these have gone from crisp black to a nicely worked in, slightly faded black. I topped everything off with my not-so-new anymore suede boots & a comfy knit toque to take the crispness of the fall air off my head & my studded belt wrapped around my wrist as a cuff for that perfect edgy finish. Super simple & so me.

All photos taken by Dori Fee

WEARING: Thrifted shirt, dVb skinny jeans, suede boots, misc knit toque & studded belt (as cuff), random sunglasses I bought in Mexico

I am hoping to make up for my lack of posts last week with a surplus of them this week! So stop by again soon!



About country girl city world

I'm a small town country girl from rural Manitoba. Recently married and building my nest with my amazing husband in Winnipeg.
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4 Responses to CARS, COWS & KITTENS

  1. Tanis says:

    So beautiful, I love the last photo’s with all the sunshine, they should be in a magazine! And the colors! Your blue eyes are just popping!

  2. Jinna says:

    Love this post! & great blog :)
    visit mine when u get a chance & rate! <3 xoxo, Jinna

  3. Ria says:

    Your eyes are so pretty and blue I love it. Cute kitty, I miss having cats. My boyfriend is allergic though, hope you’re able to find him a home. Hahaha I’d love to know what game it is. I used to be a big gamer when I was younger but not anymore, my boyfriend is a huge gamer and is always complaining I don’t play with him.

    • Hi Ria! My husband is also allergic to cats… but I we still have one, I doubt i will be able to convince him to let me bring home another tho! I’ll have to post some pics of our cat. The game Im officially addicted to playing is Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2011. It’s like old school Nintendo duck hunt but 100 times better! And super easy to play because all you need to do is press the trigger. I beat his high score this weekend muah ha ha haa!
      Thanks for your lovely comments :) stop by again soon!


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