Growing up in the country my sister Krystal & I had to find ways to entertain ourselves while hanging out at the farm. Whether it was playing on hills of field stones or running around the barn loft searching for kittens we were always on an adventure. You couldn’t keep us indoors during the summer except when gramma would yell out the front door that it was time for 10 a.m. coffee! Their wasnt anything better than sitting around the table eating fresh biscuits (still warm from the oven) with fresh honey made from bee hives kept on our own farm.

On one of our main farm yards there used to stand a huge beautiful barn which after years of going unused has sadly fallen down recently. So when Dori Fee, a close friend of Jay & mine (& also an amazing photographer) came down from Dauphin to visit for a few days we decided to use this beautiful old barn as a backdrop for a photoshoot. It’s hard to believe that when this barn was originally built decades ago each wooden shingle was cut & added by hand. These photos turned out beautiful & I’m happy to share a small glimpse into the backdrop of my childhood.

It was another incredibly warm, sunny, bug free fall afternoon. So I slipped into a dress I bought this summer a favorite in my wardrobe for multiple reasons: its my favorite color (olive green), it has some great studd detailing on the shoulders & side pockets. I also think this silhouette works great on my tiny figure, It’s hard to find a dress that is tailored to fit how it’s supposed to & this was perfect to layer under an old classic white knit zip up sweater I’ve had since early high school that I don’t think I’ll ever part with.

In one of the above photos there’s a close up shot of the grey diamond pattern socks I’m wearing. Mom if you’re reading this post it’s time you knew… these are your socks & I fell in love with them YEARS ago – & they’ve been in my possession ever since! THANK YOU for the socks I ‘borrowed’ so many years ago & love so much :)

These boots I’ve worn in a previous post (Fallen Leaves) you can read the full post by clicking here. They are my go to boot for pretty much anything, & until I can afford to scoop up the next pair I have my eyes on these will have to do.

The sweater I’m wearing actually has a matching knit belt but I decided to use my all time fave thrifted braided leather belt instead to perfectly cinch everything together around my waist.

In the photos below I’m actually standing on a section of the roof of the barn that fallen down. The shingles almost look like waves & made for a BEAUTIFUL background.

When we arrived to do the photoshoot my dad was just finishing swathing some flax so we couldn’t resist using the swather as a prop for the shoot. My sister & I used to spend hours in the summer with our dad having the time of our lives going for rides on the swather, bailer or combine drinking lemonade out of a huge thermos, eating sandwiches, & grandmas homemade cookies for supper in the fields watching the sunset over the prairies :)

Above is a great shot of that studd detail on the shoulder of my dress I mentioned earlier that I LOVE so much about this dress.

Even better is the shot below of me standing behind the wheel of the swather,I love how you can see my dads greasy handprints smeared on the side, probably from the most recent time he had to make a repair. I learnt everything I know about mechanics from watching my dad constantly fix things at the farm. Watching intently, knelt down beside him my sister & I would wait for him to ask us to pass him a wrench or hammer, the whole time asking a million questions about how this worked or how what moved what to make everything work. looking back now I wish I retained more of that knowledge… could come in handy one day when I need to fix my lawnmower!

This last pic is awesome, I’m almost… too sexy for that swather.
Hope you’ve enjoyed some old childhood memories, & amazing pics by Dori Fee Photography. To see more of her work please visit her facebook page by clicking here

WEARING: Boots from Feet First, socks… borrowed from my mom ;), dress from Dynamite, thrifted belt & my own old fave knit, zip up sweater


About country girl city world

I'm a small town country girl from rural Manitoba. Recently married and building my nest with my amazing husband in Winnipeg.
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  1. Linda Jensen says:

    I thought those socks looked familiar? Glad to see they are being appreciated, from now on I will keep tabs on my sock drawer!

  2. Great location! Wicked cool!

  3. gorgeous! you are so pretty and so tiny-cute! love the dress and the socks. ;)

    xxx Charlie
    Feminine Bravery

  4. ciaraLE says:

    You look gorgeous love! I just wore some thigh highs yesterday and they are my favorite. Good going on putting them to use! <3


  5. Kate says:

    Socks with the boots, I love it!

  6. Ria says:

    You look really beautiful in these photos. I would have taken those socks too haha.

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