Fall is the perfect time to try the black on black trend, the weather is cooler & there are a lot more options for layering your favorite pieces. It’s the season of boots & scarves & over sized, thick, wooly knits & don’t forget fur vests & touques! Here are a few tips to look your best when covered from head to toe in one of this seasons hottest trends.

MIX & MATCHDON’T cover yourself from head to toe in black cotton. DO mix & match a few different textures to break up your outfit & add some visual appeal. Think supple suede boots, ripped jeans & a sheer top, or a chunky knit sweater, lace leggings & high gloss patent accessories.

SHOW SOME SKIN – This doesn’t mean wear your shortest mini skirt & a cropped tank… you want to look classy not skanky. MODERATION is key. Showing a little leg, shoulder or arm will take your outfit from drab to fab. There are a lot of styles out there with mesh panels & lace inserts that are PERFECT for just this. A little skin = a LOT of sexy.

SMILE : ) Because honestly… is there a better accessory? :)

Now that you’ve got some tips to get you thinking, how about some motivation! Here is a collection of some spectacular ebony, coal & inky black pieces to dress & accessorize yourself from head to toe. From bows & studds to shiny leather & delicate lace. All from some spectacular & personal favorite Etsy shops. The combinations are ENDLESS!

I’m pretty sure the lace leggings (#7) are the most beautiful leggings I’ve ever seen in my life & the lace cuff (#16) is begging me to buy it (& it’s in my budget!!!!!), but the sequin jacket #10 seems almost impossible to ignore – it screams WEAR ME WEAR ME!! And how KICK ASS are those leggings (#2) with the lightning bolts?! Honestly if I could afford it, everything Ive shown here would be mine right now… until then I’m going to have to get creative & start mixing & matching some pieces from my existing wardrobe.

#1 – Yvette Lace Necklace – White Owl
#2 – Lena Quist Sequin Lightning Bolt Leggings – Lena Quist
#3 – Vintage Japanese Square Glass Cocktail Ring – Pieces I Enjoy
#4 – M Scale Dark Bag – LAUK Accessories
#5 – Elastic Cage Skirt & Underskirt – Leilanni Land
#6 – Vintage Lace up Bull Hide Roper Boot – TX Vintage Boots Shoes
#7 – Haute Couture Unraveled Black Leggings – Thisilk
#8 – Leon Hat in Black – Eva Foreva
#9 – Vintage 80’s Fishnet Blouse – Snap Vintage
#10 – Vintage 1960’2 Sequin Jacket – 13 Bees
#11 – Vintage Studded Pyramid Vegan Leather Purse – Two String Jane
#12 – Leather Band Tank – Black Market Baby
#13 – Vintage Metal Mesh Clutch – Old Baltimore Vintage
#14 – Vintage 70’s Carnival Rock Necklace – 13 Bees
#15 – Mullet T with Curved Hem – Leilanni Land
#16 – Tomoko Lace Cuff – White Owl
#17 – Spiked Heel Ankle Boot – Dinofleur
#18 – Handmade Rocker Over The Knee Leather Thigh Highs – V Jones 1
#19 – The Masquerade Statement Necklace – Savage Salvage
#20 – Vintage Black Leather Cowboy Boots – Old Baltimore Vintage
#21 – Multi Faceted Ring – Arosha
#22 – Sweet Tied Bow Ring – Ice Cream Candy
#23 – Draped Leather Vest – Black Market Baby
#24 – Over The Knee Faux Leather Leggings – Leilanni Land
#25 – Lunar Print Loose Cropped T – Black Bird Tees
#26 – Black Platform Clogs – Song Bird Dreamer

Well I hope you’ve been inspired! Will you be wearing black on black any time soon? I’d love to hear how you’d combine some of these pieces!

Have a safe and happy Halloween everybody!!



About country girl city world

I'm a small town country girl from rural Manitoba. Recently married and building my nest with my amazing husband in Winnipeg.
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  1. Bonnie says:

    I really like this post! Very helpful and straight to the point tips and motivation/inspiring. Black is definitely a HUGE deal during the fall/winter and I agree, I’ve never liked the head to toe in black look. #1, 5, 12, and 17 <3!

  2. Ria says:

    Fab advice and fab pieces.

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