Bows have been an important trend throughout 2010. From tiny sophisticated bows on shoes to large statement bows on tops, dresses and headbands. If, like me you are a little intimidated by wearing an oversized bow on your head or shirt, you might want to take a more low-key approach to wearing this trend. Again thanks to Etsy hundreds of beautiful bow accessories are only a few clicks away. Here are a couple of super cute options from earrings to gloves and necklaces with a little of everything else in between!

I absolutely love #’s 6 &7. #7has a tougher almost rock n roll kind of edge to it, but I love the simplicity of the laser cut, modern clean finish of 6. Im pretty sure I’ll have to add some leather fingerless gloves (with bows of course) to my MUST BUY list as well. And how AMAZING would that vintage blingy #11 be with a little LBD!

#1- Gold Bow Rings – Diament Design’s
#2 – Copper Cutie Vintage Mesh Bow – Glamourpuss
#3 – Silver Tone Bow Ring – Blackblues
#4 – BOW BOW Leather Bow Necklace – Louloudo
#5 – Upcycled Bing Bow Necklace – Saylorrose
#6 – High Grade Stainless Steel Bow Necklace – Strozzistawzeeh
#7 – Cataula Small Textured Metal Puff Bow – Bonjour Pierre
#8 – Bow Earrings – Viva Revival
#9 – Vintage Brooch – Kiamichi7
#10 – High Grade Stainless Steel Bow Bracelet – Strozzistawzeeh
#11 – Vintage Rhinestone Bow Choker – Jily B
#12 – My Beau Vintage Filigree Bow Necklace – The Queens Dowry
#13 – Vintage Inspired Little Gold Bow Necklace – Freshy Fig
#14 – BOW BOW Purple Leather Bracelet – Foley
#15, 16, 17 – Red & Black Leather Bow Gloves – Black Blues
#18 – Molly Vintage Brass Bow Pendant Necklace – Bead Couture By Steph
#19 – Bow Tie Necklace – Shizen Designs
#20 – Gold Bow Necklace – Diament Design’s
#21 – Vintage Fluffy Bow Necklace – Saylorrose
#22 – 1950’s Retro Style Vintage Jewel Earrings – Viva Revival



About country girl city world

I'm a small town country girl from rural Manitoba. Recently married and building my nest with my amazing husband in Winnipeg.
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4 Responses to Bows

  1. RAEZ says:

    love bows. they always add the perfect amount of girly and cute!

    xx raez

  2. LOVE this post!
    I wish I thought of it.
    Bows are definitely one of my favorites.
    A bow just makes everything so adorable :)

  3. Numbers 1 & 9 are amazing. Bows are the perfect finishing touch, so classic.

  4. Ria says:

    I definitely love a cute little bow.

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