I’ve noticed over the past few months I have been getting a lot of comments on my skin & every time someone asks what my secret is, it still surprises me. I haven’t always had soft, clear, glowing skin – in fact growing up I had the exact opposite & definately didn’t get any compliments. As soon as I turned 12 my war war with acne began & I was armed with an arsenal of soaps, scrubs, gels, vitamins & disgusting home remedies to torture my epidermis with – none of which helped. Although an acne medication known as Accutane did relieve my skin of constant terrible breakouts, it had some nasty side effects & for years I struggled to find the right products that worked with my sensitive skin. Finally over 13 years later I’ve found an army of facial skin care products I could not live without. I don’t need any $50 fancy creams, vitamins or home remedies that claim to make me 10 years younger, all I need to keep a happy relationship with my body’s largest organ are these simple wallet friendly products:

1 – Angels on Bare Skin cleanser & soft exfoliator for all skin types (Available at LUSH): This is by far THE most important product I use. I swear by it. Nothing keeps my skin smoother, cleaner or clearer than this miracle scrub. Its tough enough to remove any make up or dirt on my face but gentle enough that it never irritates my hyper sensitive skin.

2 – Oil Free Make-up Remover by Balea (Available at Shoppers Drugmart): The super gentle formula easily removes any traces of mascara without irritating my contact lenses or leaving my eyes feeling greasy after-wards, just clean and refreshed.

3 – Clear Action Blackhead Clearing Astringent by Life brand (Available at Shoppers Drugmart): Blackheads be gone! This product works wonders & never leaves my face feeling dry.

4 – St.Ives Naturally Clear Blemish Fighting Cleansing Cloths: For those days when I’m too lazy to properly wash my face. These cloths are life savers that I pack with me everywhere, including keeping some in my gym bag. Just take one out, give my face a quick wipe & I am good to go without all the work and most importantly it doesn’t irritate my skin.

5 – Dove Sensitive Skin Daily Lotion: My sister introduced me to this moisturizer & I couldn’t thank you enough. This was the product that I struggled most with. Finding a daily facial moisturizer that wasn’t too heavy or light & wasn’t packed full of scents that made me break out in hives was impossible… until I found Dove.


About country girl city world

I'm a small town country girl from rural Manitoba. Recently married and building my nest with my amazing husband in Winnipeg.
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One Response to SKIN DEEP

  1. Tanis says:

    angels on bare skin is my fave too! I love the way it smells, so fresh.

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