If you’ve ever watched a single episode of HBO’s True Blood – you know how easy it is to get ‘sucked’ into. I’m not only addicted to ogling the incredibly gorgeous cast and following the intricate character plots but my main attraction is the enviable wardrobe. Sookie Stackhouses beautiful sun dresses (half of which never seem make it through an entire episode without being splattered in blood) are so awe worthy I wish I could have them all! Costume designer Audrey Fisher does an AMAZING job of making the entire female cast look phenominal from head to toe in perfectly chosen southern styles. Here are my top picks for floral, pastel and dainty pieces that will perfect your simple and sweet, summer-in-the-bayou look!


About country girl city world

I'm a small town country girl from rural Manitoba. Recently married and building my nest with my amazing husband in Winnipeg.
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