Manitoba winters are so long and frigidly cold, so when summer arrives it means taking advantage of every sunny day we can. Since most of our weekends are spent at West Hawk Lake where Jason does all of his scuba diving class certifications, I get to spend a LOT of time on the sand, in fact I should have my own designated beach bum parking spot on Millers beach! Here is my regular beach prep routine that I follow religiously before I go:

STEP 1 – Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Although the sand does a great job of this I like to make sure my knees, elbows and everything in-between is super soft, this helps ensure a nice even summer glow :)
STEP 2 – Moisturize! There’s no point in exfoliating if your not going to moisturize afterwords, so I give myself a full head to toe slathering.
STEP 3 – Condition! My poor naturally blond hair gets bleached so light from the sun that a good deep conditioning before I hit the beach makes sure it stays frizz free all day.
STEP 4 – Get Polished! Sand can be devastating to a new mani & pedi, so I always make sure to add a quick top coat to stop it from chipping and fading.
STEP 5 – Sunscreen! Last on my list but definitely the most important, my fair skin burns a lot easier than it tans so I never go out in the sun without at least wearing SPF15. I love Gilchrist & Soames Sunscreen SPF 15, I stocked up on 6 bottles of this when Jay and I were in Mexico getting married in March I can’t resist its amazing orange creamsicle scent!

Of course don’t forget to hydrate! A couple of hours in the sun can quickly turn into heat stroke if you don’t make sure to drink lots of H20! Here are some of my favorite products in my beach prep army:

From left to right: Gilchrist & Soames Sunscreen SPF 15 (exclusively created for Dreams Resorts & Spas), Lush Bubblegum flavored lip scrub, The Body Shop Cocoa body butter & scrub, Aveeno Continuous Protection sunblock for face SPF 30.

My beach bag MUST haves: Roxy reversible floppy hat, yellow nautical theme beach bag from Ardenes, Ralph Lauren sunglasses, iPod, beach towel, some good reading material and of course that creamsicle scented sunscreen.


About country girl city world

I'm a small town country girl from rural Manitoba. Recently married and building my nest with my amazing husband in Winnipeg.
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